Sara Gumbiner and Her Five Star Mount #larrythetiger Is EVERYTHING

We’re all just so grateful for a little glimmer of light, a little glimmer of HOPE, a little giggle if we’re lucky, this week. And alas, all of the above has arrived in these photos from Sara Gumbiner.

Sara and her five-star mount Polaris are our sport personified — “Larry” isn’t the keenest pupil on the subject of dressage, but he’ll do what he gotta do to get to that cross country start box. They’re perennial fan favorites at Kentucky, finishing the event on a clear with time cross country score in 2018 and 2019. No doubt they would have rocked it in 2020.

From Polaris’ team:

“To honor what would have been LK3DE Jog day and to bring a smile to those with the quarantine blues, we would like to share Sara Gumbiner’s visit with Carole Baskin and her five star mount #larrythetiger with Joe Exotic as a spectator showing off there would be jog outfit!”

Love it. Go Eventing (Someday!)