Saturday Cross Country Links from Tipperary

Caroline Martin & "Nacho", current leaders in the CCI2* at NAJYRC

Happy Cross Country Day!!! Goodness, the emotions around the barns today in Kentucky will be running high. Saturdays at a three-day are always full of extreme elation and ultimate disappointment, but the feeling of watching your teammates rock around challenging courses and come home safe is really unequalled. A lot of competitors will be getting their first taste of the team atmosphere this week, and that’s a really exciting new experience. Cross country begins with the CCI2* at 8:00am EST, our fearless leader is in fact the current leader in that division, Caroline Martin & Quantum Solace.

Make sure you read Visionaire’s NAJRYC Course Walk from yesterday, and check out Coach O’Connor’s challenging courses for both divisions. Good luck to everybody!!


[NAJYRC Website] [Live Scores] [List of Competitors] [Schedule] [FEI NAJYRC FB Page]

Events This Weekend:

Cobblestone Farms HT: [Website]

Coconino Classic 3-Day Event & HT: [Website]  [Live Scores]

Fitch’s Corner: [Website]  [Live Scores]

Olney Farm: [Website]  [Live Scores]

Aspen Ridge: [Ride Times]

Saturday Links:

Area III & Caroline Martin dominate the CH-Y** division

Area V & Lauren Clark kick butt in the CH-J* division

Equine Canada’s daily NAJYRC wrap-up

MD Eventer performs CPR on the side of a highway

Don’t Think: JUST DO

Success Equestrian ponders the trials and tribulations of finding THAT horse

15 random horse tweets from non-horsey people

More horse meat found in pies in England


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