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As someone who is inherently privileged and truly wants to contribute to the world being a better place, I, like many others, have been making an attempt to read and educate myself about systemic racism and see how I can do better and be better. I am trying not to be silent, because I understand how silence is complacency. Silence is part of the problem (see: There Is No Such Thing As a Silent Ally) but I don’t fancy myself as eloquent of a writer as some of my amazing colleagues here at EN and have a tendency to clam up.

As a first step in speaking out, I’m going to make a public confession here and I challenge you to think about whether you have experienced this as well: I didn’t hesitate to buy myself a new helmet this week, but when a few calls for donations from friends on social media to charities benefitting the Black Lives Matter movement directly or indirectly appeared across my social media I realized that I scrolled past. As I thought about contributing, I caught myself hesitating.

Why? Am I so selfish that I can drop a cool bit of cash on something nice for myself (not that a helmet not an important and necessary piece of safety equipment — it for sure is — but, let’s be honest, there are many cheaper, just as good helmets I could have opted for) but not to a charity that could do some fantastic greater good in the world? That is a discomfort that I needed to really sit with and digest, leading to the realization that yes, I am that selfish, I am that privileged, and, after further rumination, realization that I am not OK with that about myself.

This is one of my first steps to recognizing where I am at and trying to help right the wrong that has been done to fellow humans for so long. How many of my fellow white equestrians have done the same selfish thing? I dare you to admit it to yourself and then I dare you to determine how you’ll do better too.

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