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Everyone loves a hero. American Pharoah takes to the track again today for the Travers Stakes. While I was glad to see him win the Triple Crown, I must admit that I’m getting more and more anxious with each race that follows. He won the Haskell Invitational with minimal effort, and yes, it would be glorious to see him take the Breeder’s Cup as well, but… well, he’s a horse. Horses have the most inconvenient knack for getting injured exactly when they shouldn’t. If American Pharoah has a poor outing much of the positive momentum he’s brought for racing and horse-sport in this country stands to be lost. If (heaven forbid) he breaks down on the track it will be an incredible tragedy. There is a lot more than just a race on the line. Even though I’m worried about what could go wrong, I’ll still be watching the Travers today and hoping he comes home  at the front of the pack, safe, sound and happy.

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