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Marty, playing in the snow. Photo from Stacy Meredith's Facebook page Marty, playing in the snow. Photo from Stacy Meredith's Facebook page

Last Sunday, my husband asked me what I wanted for the holidays this year. I did my best to look thoughtful and not blurt out the most expensive item on my wish list right away. Instead, I managed to play it cool and say “I haven’t put much thought to it, really. What about you? Have your eye on anything in particular?” He waffled a bit before naming off a few relatively mundane items – a new beard trimmer, one of those sausage/cracker/cheese gift baskets, socks – and then he went for the big ticket item: a new set of drums. I let my eyebrows drift upward and nodded, telling him I’d see what I could do. Guess I can put those new tall boots on my list after all!

Saturday Links: 

Congratulations to Alayna Pastuck, the first winner from our EN’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaways! Alayna will take home a sweet prize package from Absorbine. Congratulations! [EN’s 12 Days of Christmas: Absorbine]

Congratulations are also in order for Ashley Harvey, the winner of this week’s Fab Freebie! We’re super jelly of Ashley, who will receive a Flexible Fit Equestrian bridle as her prize! [Fab Freebie: Flexible Fit Equestrian]

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Saturday Video: GM was recently in Northern California. Sadly, I could not make it out to audit. As someone who’s had a few horses who struggled with flying changes, this is one of my favorite GM bits of wisdom.