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Phase 1 of the Phase 1 of the "Getting Your Pony Tuff Mudder 2016"

I’ve certainly missed the rain, but I haven’t missed the mud. Last winter, the West Coast was dry as a bone. I got complacent and completely forgot the arduous slog it can be out to the back pasture to retrieve my pony. This is the time of year that I realize how lucky I am to have a pony who meets me at the gate. While the hike out to the pastures is often a mini-Tuff-Mudder challenge, we all know how pasture-gate areas get after even the tiniest bit of rain. Having a pony who meets me at the gate is worth every dollar I have ever spent on horse cookies.  It prevents me from having to cross the treacherous muddy section of the pasture that sucked my boots off three winters ago. I still shiver when I remember the feeling of boot-socks sinking in to pasture glop.

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Saturday Links:

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Saturday Video:  If your ring is a mud-bog, this technique from the Polo crowd might be useful!