Saturday Links from Tipperary

Photo by Whirlybird Imaging.

A fresh dusting of snow really does make for a magical-looking landscape. Whirlybird Imaging and Carole Mortimer captured some lovely photos, including the one above, of the Badminton Horse Trials grounds looking like a winter wonderland! As pretty as snow is though, I’d be a bigger fan if it didn’t come hand in hand with the cold…

National Holiday: National Chocolate-covered Anything Day

Saturday Links:

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Puerto Rico’s Camarero Racetrack to Reopen Friday

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PODCAST: 2017 #USEAConvention Roundup

Cooling Your Horse Out on Cold Days

Congratulations to Erin McLeod – our day five winner of EN’s 12 Days of Christmas! She receives an epic leg therapy prize pack that includes Draper Equine Therapy No Bow Wraps AND Draper Equine Therapy Hock Boots from Draper Equine Therapies! Stay tuned to see what other exciting goodies we’ll have this weekend on EN.

Saturday Video: Here’s a healthy dose of cute for your Saturday!