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A kindly Tufts vet student keeps Billy company while he wakes up from surgery. Photo by Abby Powell.

The curse of January strikes again. I’ve now nearly come to expect (though I am doing everything in my power to avoid) a moderately-sized vet bill within the first month of each new year.

I am now on a four year streak: In 2015 my event horse colicked and in 2016 my mini horse colicked (both instances were resolved without surgery and they are fine), in 2017 my mini horse somehow sustained an impressive laceration in an unmentionable area (got stitched up and healed up fine), and now for 2018 my goat, who’s a companion to my horses, got a urinary blockage earlier this week and required surgery.

“Billy Boomer” is just as much a part of my family as the equines, so of course I’m doing everything I can to help him through. Plus, he has a special place in my heart for playing a role in bringing my husband and I together….but that’s a story for another day!

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