Saturday Links from Tipperary

Now that is a Santa I would take a photo with! Photo courtesy of Castlewood Stables Facebook page.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of any person who was dressed up. So that eliminated Chuck E Cheese and Six Flags or Disney World from the places that I could visit without having a screaming fit of terror. So you can imagine that taking photos with Santa or the Easter bunny was not at the top of my childhood bucket list. When the barn where I used to ride posted the photo above of their resident Clydesdale, Cadillac, sporting his holiday get-up, I immediately thought about the awesome photo opportunities this would afford. Cadillac is one of the most well-trained horses I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; he knows how to sit, count, bow, and many other things that I used to think you could only teach dogs (and mustangs, right Elisa Wallace?). If you’re in the St. Louis area, it’s definitely worth paying Castlewood Stables and Cadillac a visit!

Saturday Links

Doug Payne’s book is officially en route to the printers.

Horse dehydration is something to be aware of year round.

The Longines Global Champion Tour has a new London venue. 

Kansas City man launches petition to halt use of carriage horses.

New York man dies while trying to save horses from barn fire.

From The Chronicle of the Horse: The Pitfalls of Potential

Best of the Blogs:

An Eventful Life recaps the last event of the 2013 season, the Adelaide International.

Saturday Video:

What’s the most creative way to decorate a tree?

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