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I love holiday themed booty-art! Screenshot from I love holiday themed booty-art! Screenshot from

Top o’ the morning, EN! Monday is St. Patrick’s day which means that this entire weekend is St. Patrick’s day because really, who parties on a Monday night? At the risk of sounding like an egomaniac, one of the great advantages of being a redhead named Erin is the bounty of free booze that comes my way on St Patrick’s day. I do have to put up with the eternally lame joke of “Erin Go Bragh…less” but it’s a small price to pay for free, green beer and Irish Car Bombs. If you plan on partying this weekend, please make sure you have a designated driver.  We don’t want to miss you at the next event.

Clyde is back home in Aiken! We’re very happy to report that Molly Kinnamon’s sweet little Border Terrier Clyde returned home yesterday. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word that he had gone missing. Go eventing! Go dogs!

Events This Weekend:
Feather Creek Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]
Copper Meadows H.T. [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]
Pine Top Spring H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Saturday Links:

Officials Investigate Mysterious Horse Death At Cal Expo

Celebrity Eventers To Try Hand At Reining During Kentucky Reining Cup

Officers Hold Memorial For Patrol Horse

Cavallia Horses Get Friendly With Sight-Impaired Children

Controversy Arises Over Proposed Horse Racing Machines

Colorado Horse Breeder Sentenced To Prison For Tax Evasion

Saturday Video: Just another reminder as to why I desperately need to take a horse shopping trip in Ireland!



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