Saturday Links from Tipperary

I can pull it off with a week left.. I think. I can pull it off with a week left.. I think.

Seriously, wasn’t it Thanksgiving like… last weekend? I must have been in a roast-beef and turkey induced coma because once again, Christmas is bearing down on me with a furiousness. I must confess that I have done absolutely zero shopping. Actually, I take that back. I ordered a couple of shirts online for my husband, which were “accidentally” opened early because he thought the package was something he had ordered. Whoops! With the rain and sogginess in Northern California, it looks like today might be a day for shopping. That is if I can tear myself away from the internet. Friend of EN Ryan Wood’s new site is up and it looks amazing. Check it out at

Saturday Links:
Tristar Equine recalls Gastrotec
Fort Worth’s Mounted Patrol gets new equine facility
WOW House: $1.2M ‘Truly Unique Victorian Equestrian Estate’
Pony Club members earn certifications
Competitive equestrian vaulters team revived at Rawhide Ranch
2014 Eclipse Awards voters shouldn’t overthink Horse of the Year

Saturday Video: Not horses, but I totally didn’t know koalas made this sound. I can’t stop laughing.


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