Saturday Video: A Deep & Meaningful Chat (Mostly) Between RideIQ and EN

It feels just a touch self-congratulating to share a video I’m involved with for this evening’s viewing slot, but I’m such a fan of RideIQ‘s Ask the Experts and Office Hours series that I can’t help but feel quite pleased that I got the chance to take part. In our long and wine-fuelled (on my part, solely) chat, me and Amanda Chance – who’s also a regular contributor here at EN! – discussed all sorts of aspects of the equestrian journalism world, from the tough bits to the fun bits, via the tequila-fuelled bits. I hope it offers some insights into the job for those of you who may be aiming to join us mad media lot some day, and provides a bit of entertainment for the rest of you!

Unfortunately, embedding the video here isn’t possible – but if you’d like to tune in for the conversation, click here to be redirected to RideIQ’s YouTube channel.

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