Saturday Video: Ben Hobday and Arco BB’s Cross Country Round at Bramham

Ben Hobday and Ben Hobday and "Archie" at Bramham on Saturday. Screenshot via YouTube.

It’s a positively splendid era that we live in, eventers. Remember back in the day when you used to have to wait for a catalog or magazine to be mailed to your house, and you’d flip to the books and videos section and several months after an event had completed, you’d be able to order an expensive VHS tape of just a handful of the best performances?

In the new sassy digital universe, any rider can compile footage from family, fans and helmet cams, upload it to YouTube, and broadcast their glory to the world the same day of the performance, and we get to watch it all for free! (And of course, you also now have your good friends at EN to bring it to you. I shudder to think of the cold and lonely nights before we had a united digital home-front and an army of chinchillas. Oh the humanity!)

Today we’re bringing you Ben Hobday’s ride from this morning on Arco BB in the Equi-trek CCI3* at Bramham International Horse Trials. Ben is competing in the senior division with this relatively new partnership, and it’s their debut competing together at this level. It’s also a great opportunity to see the Bramham course if you missed the livestream this morning.

Best of luck to Ben and Archie going into show jumping tomorrow, and Go Eventing!