Saturday Video Break: Test Your Balance with Lainey Ashker’s Latest GOTD

Have some extra calories to burn off from last night’s thanksgiving dinner? Here’s a great grid to teach upper body control, footwork, effective use of aids and overall balance all the while having a blast while doing it! But be prepared to get your math skills out to set this puppy up because it’s a toughie! Will post actual diagram to my story as well! Enjoy friends! #LÆ

Posted by Laine Ashker Eventing and Dressage on Friday, November 29, 2019

Feeling like a sack of potatoes after a hefty Thanksgiving dinner? Friends, has Lainey Ashker got a cure for you! In Lainey’s latest Grid of the Day (#GOTD) she puts together what she calls the Serpent Grid: a challenging test of upper body control, footwork, effective use of aids, and overall balance.

Lainey cautions that in order for this grid to work correctly, you’ll need to be precise in setting it up to ensure that the middle of the poles set on the curves are properly measured. And for the horse to bounce properly, you’ll also need to ride accurately to the middle of each pole. It may look a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of this exercise it looks like a blast!

Photo via Lainey Ashker.

Happy bouncing! Go Lainey and Go Eventing.