Saturday Video: Testing Equestrian Life Hacks – So You Don’t Have To!

There’s nothing I love better than a life hack, especially if it saves me money – but with so many voices on the internet touting all sorts of mad solutions to problems I didn’t even realise I had, it can be hard to work out what’s actually worth doing, and what might just cause you a bigger headache in the long run. And so I thank the horsey heavens for YouTuber Equine Helper, who did the grunt work of watching hours and hours of vlogs, pulling out the tips and tricks, and then putting them all to the test to see what’s actually worth your time. I’ve definitely found a few that I’ll be trying out ASAP (including that olive oil one, because I’ve thrown caution to the wind and put my saddle on the floor just for a second one too many times), and in exchange for her hard work, I’ll give you a few bonuses: sack off the sock idea and get a double-ended oven glove to house your stirrups and repurpose leg cooling clay into a purifying face mask if that barn dirt is giving you spots. You’re welcome.

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