Saturday Video: ‘Tis the Season for Cavaletti

Wendy Bebie and Calero, “Roo.” Photo by GRC Photography.

How do you keep from going crazy in the indoor during the long, dark, cold winter months? Kim Keppick, an Advanced level event rider who has competed internationally as a member of the Irish three-day team and is the developer of Rein-Aid Productions, sent us this reminder that cavaletti can be a valuable tool.

“Former eventer Wendy Bebie who does dressage now is making her Calero much stronger by using raised poles at trot and canter,” Kim says. “It keeps him happy with his work as it adds variety to his routine. He has become a solid Fourth Level dressage horse.”

Calero, a 15-year-old German-bred Holsteiner gelding (Calato x Rancune, by Baloubet du Rouet), was a fierce competitor in eventing. He competed through Prelim with Wendy, and through the two-star level with previous owner Kelli Temple. We’re glad to see that he’s thriving in his dressage career, and we’re sure he loves the challenge that cavaletti presents.

“Cantering raised poles is just another way to help Roo stay mentally alert and physically engaged during the winter,” Wendy says.

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