Send Us Your Best Horsey Venmo’s

Remember back in the olden’ days, when you had to dig through your glove compartment for some crusty, mud-bespeckled checkbook to compensate your trainer, vet or farrier for their services, which might (if you were me) very likely get bounced? No more! Welcome to the 21st century, wherein we as modern horse-broke humans can just Venmo that $h!t.

After a decade’s worth or more of fishing mouse-munched invoices from the bottom of my tack trunk, I wish to thank all the modern-day equine professionals out there who have finally evolved from landlines to mobile devices, checkbooks to apps. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank my trainer who has received the following Venmo transactions from me, without complaint or comment, for board bills since this time last year:

Have an equestrian Venmo to contribute? Post in comments or email to [email protected]

Go Eventing.