Share Your Horse’s Rehab Story to Win a Prize Pack from OCD Pellets

Frankie Theiriot and Fric Frac Berence. Photo by Josh Walker. Frankie Theiriot and Fric Frac Berence. Photo by Josh Walker.

Our horses are always inspiring us. Whether they’ve making a comeback from a serious illness or injury or they surpass our goals and expectations at competitions, there are always great stories to be told about how horses are inspirational.

Last year we launched a contest to celebrate successful rehabilitation stories with our sponsor, OCD Pellets, to an enthusiastic response from EN readers. Frankie Thieriot Stutes won a prize pack from OCD with her winning article on one-eyed wonder Fric Frac Berence. And there were so many more amazing stories told on EN:

When Event Horses Defy the Odds, Presented by OCD, by Meghan Blair

Never Give Up on ‘Something Special,’ Presented by OCD, by Caroline Hawkins

As Tough As They Come Presented by OCD, by Samantha Silver

Following the Right Path, Presented by OCD, by Helen Guidotti

More Than One Way to Define Success, Presented by OCD, by Anne Schmid

Optimal Cartilage Development (OCD) offers an excellent supplement for bone and joint repair. OCD offers support and repair for injuries such as equine OCDs, osteochondrosis, bone cysts, DJD (degenerative joint disease), epiphysitis, osteoarthritis, navicular syndrome, sesamoiditis, bucked shins, bone lesions, slab fractures and more.

OCD Pellets help support building and maintaining healthy cartilage and bone, addressing both inflammation as well as the bone matrix and cartilage in a joint. The formula is designed for use with horses from all walks of life, from young horses in training to broodmares and older horses.

Image via Doc's Products Inc.

Image via Doc’s Products Inc.

Many testimonials point to the success horse owners have found with OCD Pellets, and we found these success stories to be very uplifting and the source of inspiration for this contest. OCD is once again offering a prize pack to a reader who sends submits their rehab story to us. Here’s what’s up for grabs, valued at $150:

  • 2 month supply of OCD Pellets
  • 1 month supply of COS Canine
  •  1 OCD Pellets hat
  • 1 OCD Pellets T-shirt

If you’d like to share your rehab story, please send the article and at least one photo to [email protected]. Entries close May 31, 2016, and keep an eye out for your story to run right here on EN. The article that receives the most views will win the prize pack from OCD. We know there are plenty of equine rehab stories out there to inspire us all, and we can’t wait to hear yours.

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