Share Your Story to Win an UltrOZ System Trial from Hamilton BioVet

Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet. Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet.

A few weeks ago, our resident product reviewer, Colleen Peachey, wrote about her experiences with the UltrOZ Therapeutic Ultrasound System. Colleen was so thrilled with the results that she went ahead and purchased a system of her own to continue using on her horses.

What exactly is the UltrOZ Therapeutic Ultrasound System? It’s a wearable, unattended (that’s right, just put it on your horse, and they can hang out in their stall eating hay for the entire treatment time) state-of-the-art therapeutic system that utilizes Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS) to assist with both maintenance and treatment for your equine athlete.

Ultrasound therapy has been used by veterinarians for decades to treat common soft tissue and bone fracture injuries. It’s great for treating tendon and suspensory injuries, splints, muscle strains and tears, fracture and bone chip repair, minor strains, bumps, bruises and inflammation. You can speed up your injury recovery time with this FDA proven device.

If you’re curious to see what equine professionals are saying about this product, here are just a few testimonials from some well-known faces around the industry:

Splint Treatment
“The horse was 40 percent improved at seven days, 100 percent sound at two weeks. The splint reduced in size 50 percent by week three. The speed of return to soundness and the rapid reduction in the size of the splint were the atypical components of the outcome compared to the normal case. The horse has remained sound and back into work six weeks later.” — Dr. Chris Newton, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

Fracture Healing
“It is my veterinary medical opinion that UltrOZ therapeutic ultrasound is responsible for the majority of increased fracture healing noted in the past 30 days. This particular system is ideal because it is very user-friendly, which allows the barn manager or trainer to apply the therapy daily without a licensed therapist or veterinarian involved.” — Dr. Holly Schmitt DVM, Hagyard

Suspensory Ligament Tear
“We treated a 12-year-old dressage horse for a right hind medial branch suspensory ligament tear with the UltrOZ unit for one hour a day for six weeks. This lesion had failed to respond to other therapies, and after treatment, we finally saw excellent improvement in echogenicity and fiber alignment. We are happy with the results.” — Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM, Elk River, Minn.

Soft Tissue Injury
“I’ve been using the UltrOz system on one of my horses with a minor soft tissue injury and it is incredibly user friendly and straightforward. I have seen significant improvement with the use of the system on this particular injury and also on a variety of different injuries. I am very impressed with the outcome of all of them! I love how small and portable the system is. It’s easy to take to the events and easy to use anywhere.” —  Lizzie Snow, Upper-level event rider

Do we have you convinced yet? Well, you’re in luck then! We’ve partnered with Hamilton BioVet to offer a free two-month trial of the UltrOZ System, which retails for $1,295, to one of our readers!

How do you enter? Send us your story of why you’d like to try out the system. Is your horse on stall rest from an injury? Do you have a horse who struggles with a recurring soundness issue? We want to hear about it!

Send your story, in 200 words or less, and a photo to [email protected] no later than Friday, August 8 at 5 p.m. EST. We will narrow the field down to a group of finalists and put the final results to your vote.

This is a great chance to try a hugely beneficial product, and we’d like to extend a major thanks to Hamilton BioVet for offering this opportunity. It is interesting to note that virtually every person who has tried the therapy system has ended up a proud owner of one after seeing the wonderful results.

Hamilton Biovet

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