Short Film Perfectly Captures the End – And the Beginning – of an Equine Partnership

If you’ve been in the sport horse world for so much as a hot minute, you’ve probably experienced these exact feelings already. Maybe you’ve been the one saying goodbye to a longtime partner, maybe you’ve been the one opening that trailer door and beholding the horse into which you’ve poured all your dreams and ambitions, and more than likely, you’ve been both at one time or another.

This short film by Masta Rugs captures the essence of these bittersweet moments, and is sure to put a little barn dust in your eye.

The transitional moment of the film is beautifully shown through the perspective of the horse as he steps into the van and then arrives at his new home and sees the glowing face of his new owner as the lorry door drops.

It’s a powerful moment that reminds you how much trust these horses put in us to take on new lives and new challenges; sometimes many times over in a single lifetime. Their ability to adapt with an open heart over and over is truly extraordinary, and it sends home the importance of the film’s message – Protecting and Caring for Life. Even when we can’t be there for every moment of a horse’s journey, we can do everything possible to ensure all their stops are good ones.

Thanks to Masta Rugs for this lovely reminder to give top care to our friends and partners!

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