Show EN Your Ink: Reader Submissions

We recently asked you to send in your horse-inspired tattoos, and the response has been overwhelming. We will be posting your photos in several reader submission posts over the next few weeks. Would you like to show off your ink? Send a photo to [email protected]

Photo from Erin Hite.

A few of our wonderful readers sent in a short story of the inspiration or idea behind their tattoo. Amy Schwartz sent in a photo of her ink, saying, “I just got my first tattoo this past September, for my 40th birthday. My husband took me to celebrate in Las Vegas. I got a snaffle bit, because it reminds me of the little ponies I learned to ride on in a field in Connecticut when I was a kid….we always rode them in a simple little loose-ring snaffle. And that’s where it all began…..33 years later I’m still at it!”

Photo from Amy Schwartz.

Megan Clements wrote in and sent us a photo of her impressive tattoo on her back: “This was my first tattoo at 19.  Still love it 6 years later!”

Photo from Megan Clements.

Canadian rider Rebecca Stewart sent us a photo of her patriotic themed horse tattoo. I’ve heard that the rib cage is among the most painful places to get a tattoo, so if this is true, props to you, Rebecca!

Photo from Rebecca Stewart.

We have many more tattoos to bring you, so stay tuned for the next installment in our Show Us Your Ink series. Thank you for sending in your photos, and keep them coming!

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