SmartPak: If Horses Could Text, Episodes 1 & 2

Sara and Sarah, our favorite SmartPakers, are BACK with a new video series that’s sure to become a classic. Introducing the first two episodes of “If Horses Could Text.”

I’ve definitely found myself wishing on more than one occasion that my horses could text (okay, maybe I’d settle just for speaking!) Wouldn’t it make life so much easier for checking up on them, making sure they’ve got everything they need, or asking them which foot hurts this time?

And then I watch these videos from SmartPak, featuring our favorite creative equestrian video stars Sara and Sarah, and I decide to be careful what I wish for.

Yep. Yep, I take it all back. Let’s never give horses the ability to text.

For more videos — both entertaining and educational — check out SmartPak’s YouTube channel!

Go SmartPak. Go Eventing!