SmartPak SmartStride Ultra ‘Long Spot’ Contest: Top 15 Finalists!

British readers weren’t eligible for the contest since SmartPak doesn’t ship abroad, but this photo of Kirsty Short and Cossan Lad taking a flyer at Burghley definitely could have been a contender! Kirsty Short and Cossan Lad at Burghley Horse Trials. Photo by Amy Burbage.

Last week we asked EN readers to send us your best “long spot” photos for a chance to win a month’s supply of SmartStride Ultra Pellets from our friends at SmartPak. After reviewing several hundred entries of your horses doing their best superman impressions — “Long spot, or short airplane ride?” as one reader put it — we narrowed the field down to 15 finalists.

Click on the pictures to scroll through the gallery and cast your vote for best long spot!

BTW, we confirmed that all the horses pictures were able to safely put down their landing gear on the other side. Which seems like definite proof that horses, in fact, can fly.

Many thanks to our friends at SmartPak for sponsoring this fun edition of SmartPak Supplement Shellout. We’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, Nov. 19. Go Eventing!