Snag an October Box from A Horse Box!

October's A Horse Box. Photo by Sally Spickard. October's A Horse Box. Photo by Sally Spickard.

Man, I really can’t believe it’s almost the end of October. I’m also turning 30 on Friday, but we won’t talk about that part. I’m not particularly looking forward to the dreary, cold winter we have ahead of us, and for me October is one of the last month’s where I can truly enjoy fall weather.

Additionally this month, I’ve been privileged to try the October edition of A Horse Box, which has definitely brightened my spirits as I try to avoid my winter depression. I’ve reviewed this product before, and I’ve been really happy with both the quality and quantity of products available through this subscription service and the October edition is no different.

First up in this month’s box is a big sample bag of Laser Sheen Skin & Coat Supplement from Farnam. This is a popular choice for those horse owners who are looking to brighten up their horses’ coats and improve overall skin health. I’ve had a good experience with this product in the past, and this is a decent sized sample that you can actually use to see some results — sometimes I find with supplement samples, the amount given is not really enough to be able to see much in the way of results.

Supplement samples are fairly common in A Horse Box, but as I said the sizes are often much larger than what you may receive otherwise. Also included this month is a 16 ounce bottle of Mineral Max Iron Plus from firstCompanion Veterinary Products. This is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed to provide some of the missing pieces that your horse may not be getting in his normal feed. The dosage for this supllement is 1-2 ounces, so you’ll also get a fair amount of uses out of this bottle as well.

We’ve also got a sample from Equinety, a line of all natural horse products and supplements. The Horse XL supplement is included in this month’s box, a 156 gram size. This appears to be somewhat of an all around supplement aimed at improving your horse’s overall health with use.

There’s usually a sample of treats in the box each month, and this month did not disappoint! This month, the Horse Box team threw in a sample of Enjoy Yums in mint flavor. Trust me, these won’t last too long around my treat fiend of a horse!

Last but not least, we also have some samples from the Kiss My Horse line. The Flirt With Me Sampler includes a 2 ounce bottle of Shampoo La-La, Dream Rinse, and XOXO Shine & Detangler. These are some of the more popular items from Kiss My Horse, and I’ve got a clinic coming up next week that, weather permitting, I plan to use these samples for.

I think what I love most about A Horse Box is the ability to try products that I may not buy on my own or otherwise access. I will say that I’ve gone and purchased some of the items in a full size after trying them in A Horse Box, and at the affordable price of this subscription I feel that it is a worthwhile cost.

A Horse Box have several different monthly subscription plans starting at $25.99 per month. They also offer A Tack Box, A Barn Box and A Mini Box for every possible need for horse owners and enthusiasts.

Are you dying to try out this month’s A Horse Box? You’re in luck! We are giving away two October boxes to randomly selected winners. We’ll draw the winners tomorrow night and announce the names in Thursday’s News & Notes. Good luck!