Social Media Collective: A Spooky Day of Dressage

Photo via Horse & Hound's FB.

Photo via Horse & Hound’s FB.

Even the seriousness of dressage day will not hold Halloween back! Just kidding, everyone wore their normal dressage outfits, although I secretly wish that just one person had a little halloween spirit in there somehow. I don’t think anybody will be celebrating tonight either, because the challenge of cross country looms in the horizon. Dressage is just about wrapping up on both coasts, and by all accounts it was a successful day for many. Let’s check out what kind of cool stuff people are posting on social!

Galway Downs International: [Website] [Entry Status/Times] [Live Scores]

Virginia CCI1*:  [Website] [Entry Status] [Times] [Live Scores]

Fleeceworks Royal and Tamra Smith won the West Coast Final of the UEA 5-Year-Old Young Event Horse Championships at Galway Downs…and no wonder, look at that jump!

Photo by McCool Photography, shared via Galway Downs' FB.

Photo by McCool Photography, shared via Galway Downs’ FB.


Team Morningside is out en force this weekend at the Virginia Horse Trials. I heard tell that the CCI* course is enormous, and has many new complexes to it. A friend sent me a picture of the water, and it is not joking around! Skyeler Voss and Kristin Carpenter are determined to make it work as they course walk together.

Photo via Kristin Carpenter's FB.

Photo via Kristin Carpenter’s FB.


Maya Black headed back to her homeland to conquer the CCI3* at Galway Downs, and she’s determined to make it happen. Do you think she can repeat her performance from Plantation?

The forty-six person CCI* at Virginia is seriously competitive. After dressage, crowd favorite Laine Ashker and Jolly Good Sport are in 21st place with a 54.1. And despite Sport’s unenthused look, check out that shiny coat! Well done super groom Lauren!!

Photo via Laine Ashker's IG.

Photo via Laine Ashker’s IG.


Jenni Autry has a terrible life, you guys. Let’s all keep her in our thoughts and prayers, because it seems really horrible to be in California right now watching top level horses.

Does the Galway cross country course involve halloween decoration? You bet it does. I believe that is some cemetery action and maybe an unearthed coffin?

Plain Dealing Farm had a good day in the dressage ring in both the CCI* and the CCI2*. Lucia Strini sits in 18th with a 63.1 on Petite Filou in the two-star and 12th with a 53.7 on My Royal Cooley in the CCI*.

Photo via Plain Dealing Eventing FB.

Photo via Plain Dealing Eventing FB.


Remember when I said the second water complex at Virginia wasn’t messing around? Here’s a picture to give you an idea. What you don’t see is the bending line to the corner after 18abc. Kick on!

Photo via Natalie Hollis' FB.

Photo via Natalie Hollis’ FB.




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