SOLD: La Biosthetique Sam

The majority share of Michael Jung’s WEG champion ride La Biosthetique Sam has been sold to the German Olympic Equestrian Association (DOKR) by Sabine Kreuter, and Michael will keep the ride, according to a DOKR statement on, a German equestrian website. 

The [DOKR] on Friday signed a contract under which they take over 47 per cent majority stake in the eleven-year Wurttemberg gelding. Eric Single acquires 13 percent of Sam, and the Jung family keeps their 40 percent. The value of the horse is fixed at € 766,666.66. ” [ via Google Translate]

Sam will undergo a veterinary exam 6 months from now because an exam in January found Sam to have a heart murmur.  As always, we appreciate EN reader LD for keeping us posted on all things German eventing.

Since we first reported that WEG Champion La Biothetique Sam was on the market in October, Sabine took Sam from Michael Jung’s stable, a court ordered Sam to be returned, several rumored purchases fell through, and a mysterious prepurchase exam found a heart murmur.  Throughout all of this, Ms. Kreuter, the DOKR, and the Jungs have engaged in publicity battles with contradictory claims, but it is good to see that all sides were able to come together in the end and find some common ground.

Ultimately, all of this should be about the horse, and I think that staying with Michael is the absolute best thing for Sam.  They obviously have an incredible partnership and it would have been a travesty to break that partnership because of money and personal arguments.  At least this particular ownership dispute has a happy ending.

Update: Kat Netzler at the Chronicle also has a full report on the sale [COTH

We’ll have much more from the Ocala training sessions later today.  Go eventing.


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