Sponsor Spotlight: Hawley Bennett and Omega Alpha

Omega Alpha has some fabulous riders who use their products and one of those riders, our good friend Hawley Bennett of Team Canada, was kind enough to answer a few questions about Omega Alpha’s supplements and her spring plans.  Thanks for being a great friend to Eventing Nation Hawley and Omega Alpha, and thank you for reading.

Q: What are your plans for the spring and summer with your upper level horses?

Hawley: Well, that is a very loaded question!! I have been riding long enough to make plans a, b, c, and sometimes d!!! For Gin & Juice I will be starting the year Intermediate across the street at Galway Downs. She will run a few Advanced and then (here is where plans a, b, c, etc. come in to play!!) she will do the CIC*** at Galway or head East for the CIC*** at the Fork. The plans from there are still up in the air!! Ideally I would LOVE to take Gin & Juice to Badminton!!! I feel that in the last year she has been amazing at Kentucky in the spring and then the WEG in the fall. I am just waiting to see if we get a grant to help with the expense!! It costs “a little” more to come from the West!!

As for Gin & Juice’s little brother Five O’Clocksomewhere, he will start the year competing against his older sister in the Intermediate at Galway Downs!! He has never jumped “red numbers” before, but will be well prepared after riding with Buck Davidson last weekend and Ian Stark this weekend at the Galway Downs Fundraiser Clinic! He will be aiming for the CIC** at Galway in March and then from there, his plans depend on what his sister is doing!! I would love to be able to stay on the West Coast and run the CCI** at Twin Rivers, but if Gin & Juice goes to Badminton it is on the same weekend. So, that means that I need to come up with some $$$ to send Five O’Clocksomewhere to the CCI** at Jersey Fresh!!! I am aiming him for the Pan Am Games this fall, so I really need to get the ** done this spring!!

Q: Please name some of your favorite OA products.

Hawley: My horses on a daily basis use the following products from Omega Alpha: Gastra-FX, Sinew-X, and Equisel-Lyte. After a jump school, gallop, or really hard dressage lesson my horse legs and backs get rubbed down with Tetda which is a fabulous natural liniment. I have also used Tetda on myself after hard work out at the gym!! 🙂

Q: What do you appreciate about OA as a supplement company?

Hawley: Omega Alpha has such a vast selection of natural formulations for my horses well being and performance. I am a big believer in Natural products, especially competing under FEI rules!!! I have some “picky eaters” but they all love the Omega Alpha products! I also love the fact that the staff and researchers at Omega Alpha are extremely knowledgeable and friendly!! They can be reached very easily for any question you might have about a product plan for you horse. I am a big fan of good customer service and Omega Alpha is second to none.


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