Stable View Spring H.T. Recap + Photo Gallery

Waylon Roberts and Wil Celtic Charlie, winners of Open Intermediate. Photo by Christine Rhodes.

With 231 horses going to the start, the Stable View Spring Horse Trials on Tuesday, March 19, turned out to be a long, exciting day of eventing. This was the most entries this Aiken event has received to-date, even on a weekday between Pine Top and Carolina International!

Four dressage rings started the day at 7:45 a.m. with the Preliminary and Intermediate divisions. With the one-day format, riders then made their way over to the show jumping course designed by Chris Barnard. The new Pavilion at Stable View provided spectators with excellent views of both the show jumping and cross country courses.

The track for cross country used sections of both cross country courses at Stable View with connector lanes. Horses were able to gallop over the exceptional footing with green winter rye and celebration Bermuda. The Intermediate and Preliminary cross country courses were designed by Captain Mark Phillips, while Mogie Bearden-Muller designed the Beginner Novice through Modified courses.

With up to $20,000 of prize money on the line, the competition was fierce in all divisions. Waylon Roberts and Wil Celtic Charlie came out on top of the tough Open Intermediate division, finishing on a 39.9. Stable View offered a Modified division for the first time, and Nicholas Hinze and Dakota Blues bested 21 pairs to take home the blue ribbon and prize money.

Thirty-nine riders competed over three Preliminary divisions, with Nilson Da Silva and DeNova winning the Open division, Isabel Finemore and Craig Mor Tom winning the Junior division, and Alice Roosevelt and Get It Together topping the Rider division. The Training divisions were the largest of the day, with 57 competitors. Many riders tackled the Novice and Beginner Novice divisions, ending the day with lovely evening rides on the cross country course.

Nancy Wilson and Lagerfeld, finishing fourth in the Beginner Novice Rider division, sealed their win of the Mary Alice Brown Amateur Master Rider Series and were rewarded with a beautiful cooler sponsored by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. All first place winners received a $100 FITS voucher towards a new pair of breeches.

Congratulations to all the winners! Full results are available here.

Open Intermediate: Waylon Roberts & Wil Celtic Charlie (39.9)
Open Preliminary: Nilson Da Silva & DeNova (32.5)
Preliminary Rider: Alice Roosevelt & Get it Together (41.3)
Junior Preliminary: Isabel Finemore & Craig Mor Tom (39.4)
Open Modified: Nicholas Hinze & Dakota Blues (32.9)
Open Training: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (23.2)
Training Rider: Norah Springgate & Jaywalker (33.0)
Junior Training: Cassie Sanger & Born Ready (26.8)
Open Novice: Morgan Batton & Sommersby (24.7)
Novice Rider: Mark Hurtig & Kegan’s Irish Clover (30.5)
Junior Novice: Claudia Oppedisano & God of Thunder (31.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Erin Pullen & Koko Chanel (28.0)
Beginner Novice Rider: Beth Allen & Remastered (26.0)
Junior Beginner Novice: Kaley Chung & Rhapsody In Bay (35.5)

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Photo gallery courtesy of Christine Rhodes and Stable View: