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Stable View Spring H.T. Recap + Photo Gallery

Waylon Roberts and Wil Celtic Charlie, winners of Open Intermediate. Photo by Christine Rhodes.

With 231 horses going to the start, the Stable View Spring Horse Trials on Tuesday, March 19, turned out to be a long, exciting day of eventing. This was the most entries this Aiken event has received to-date, even on a weekday between Pine Top and Carolina International!

Four dressage rings started the day at 7:45 a.m. with the Preliminary and Intermediate divisions. With the one-day format, riders then made their way over to the show jumping course designed by Chris Barnard. The new Pavilion at Stable View provided spectators with excellent views of both the show jumping and cross country courses.

The track for cross country used sections of both cross country courses at Stable View with connector lanes. Horses were able to gallop over the exceptional footing with green winter rye and celebration Bermuda. The Intermediate and Preliminary cross country courses were designed by Captain Mark Phillips, while Mogie Bearden-Muller designed the Beginner Novice through Modified courses.

With up to $20,000 of prize money on the line, the competition was fierce in all divisions. Waylon Roberts and Wil Celtic Charlie came out on top of the tough Open Intermediate division, finishing on a 39.9. Stable View offered a Modified division for the first time, and Nicholas Hinze and Dakota Blues bested 21 pairs to take home the blue ribbon and prize money.

Thirty-nine riders competed over three Preliminary divisions, with Nilson Da Silva and DeNova winning the Open division, Isabel Finemore and Craig Mor Tom winning the Junior division, and Alice Roosevelt and Get It Together topping the Rider division. The Training divisions were the largest of the day, with 57 competitors. Many riders tackled the Novice and Beginner Novice divisions, ending the day with lovely evening rides on the cross country course.

Nancy Wilson and Lagerfeld, finishing fourth in the Beginner Novice Rider division, sealed their win of the Mary Alice Brown Amateur Master Rider Series and were rewarded with a beautiful cooler sponsored by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. All first place winners received a $100 FITS voucher towards a new pair of breeches.

Congratulations to all the winners! Full results are available here.

Open Intermediate: Waylon Roberts & Wil Celtic Charlie (39.9)
Open Preliminary: Nilson Da Silva & DeNova (32.5)
Preliminary Rider: Alice Roosevelt & Get it Together (41.3)
Junior Preliminary: Isabel Finemore & Craig Mor Tom (39.4)
Open Modified: Nicholas Hinze & Dakota Blues (32.9)
Open Training: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (23.2)
Training Rider: Norah Springgate & Jaywalker (33.0)
Junior Training: Cassie Sanger & Born Ready (26.8)
Open Novice: Morgan Batton & Sommersby (24.7)
Novice Rider: Mark Hurtig & Kegan’s Irish Clover (30.5)
Junior Novice: Claudia Oppedisano & God of Thunder (31.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Erin Pullen & Koko Chanel (28.0)
Beginner Novice Rider: Beth Allen & Remastered (26.0)
Junior Beginner Novice: Kaley Chung & Rhapsody In Bay (35.5)

For more information on any of the many events at Stable View, visit

Photo gallery courtesy of Christine Rhodes and Stable View: 

Boyd Martin/ETB Equine Construction Schooling XC Course Now Open at Stable View

Photo courtesy of Christine Rhodes/Stable View.

Practice makes perfect, and Aiken area riders now have a new venue at which to perfect their game. The Boyd Martin/ETB Equine Construction Schooling Cross Country Course at Stable View opened at the beginning of February 2019, and is now open from dawn until dusk Monday through Friday and on Saturday/Sunday by appointment.

The schooling field consists of 10 acres located on Springfield Church Road and is fully irrigated with water cannons. The sandy soil has been seeded with the Celebration variety of Bermuda grass as well as winter rye. The course is geared to horses competing at Preliminary and up; because some of the turf is new, this will spare some traffic, and after the footing is more established, more lower level jumps will be added for next winter.

Eric Bull explains that the Celebration Bermuda grass puts down more roots and gets thicker than the usual variety of Bermuda grass: “You can tell the difference when you walk across the new grass, even with your eyes closed; it’s remarkably cushier and thicker than the previously existing turf.”

Photo courtesy of Christine Rhodes/Stable View.

The course features water, a sunken road, numerous ditches and portable jumps including corners, triple brushes, tables, offset brushes, cabins and more. Boyd will move the jumps around each week, creating new combinations for riders to school. Most of the jumps themselves are simple and straightforward, so the challenges will change with the setup.

Boyd says, “I’ve been around the world competing over some of the toughest modern eventing courses. To be competitive in eventing these days you really need to school combinations typical of these courses, and that is what we are aiming to bring to the Aiken horse community.”

All of the portable jumps are offered for sale by ETB Equine Construction. You can either order an identical jump to be delivered to the farm, or arrange payment and take home a jump directly off the course (and then ETB will bring in a replacement for schooling).

Riders can just drop in, no reservation required. The course will be monitored by closed circuit video camera for safety. The schooling fee is $60, which can be paid by the honor system with a mailbox on-site which will also contain Emergency Release forms.

For more information, contact Stable View at [email protected] or 484-356-3173. Visit the website here.

Watch Phillip Dutton and Lillian Heard schooling the course via these videos courtesy of Boyd Martin and Amber Heintzberger: 

Stable View Winter Horse Trials Recap + Photo Gallery

Open Prelim A winners Andrew McConnon and Bossinova. All photos courtesy of Stable View.

Even amid the polar vortex, 156 competitors braved the cold in pursuit of prize money totaling up to $15,000 at Stable View Winter Horse Trials, held Wednesday, Jan. 30, in Aiken, South Carolina.

The event hosted Preliminary through Beginner Novice levels, with two large and competitive Open Preliminary divisions. This was the first outing of the winter season for many Aiken-based professionals. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners in every division went home with a
prize money check, and the first place winners also received a $100 FITS voucher to be redeemed at FITS’ new retail outlet in Aiken.

Three dressage rings ran throughout the morning with the sunshine keeping the grass in great shape despite the freezing temperatures.

A photo gallery of the action, courtesy of Stable View:

The show jumping start times were delayed slightly due to frozen footing, but Chris Barnard’s course provided an appropriate test of both horse and rider as the competition heated up throughout the day.

The cross country course, designed by Mogie Bearden-Muller, ran over portions of both the old course at Stable View and the newer Eventing Academy area, and featured the wonderful sandy footing Stable View has come to be known for. Technical questions and combinations required riders to be at the top of their game if they wanted to go home with some prize money, especially in the larger divisions!

The cross country course, designed by Mogie Bearden-Muller, ran over portions of both the old course at Stable View and the newer Eventing Academy area, and featured the wonderful sandy footing Stable View has come to be known for. Technical questions and combinations required riders to be at the top of their game if they wanted to go home with some prize money, especially in the larger divisions!

Riders enjoyed taking advantage of the Rider’s Lounges to warm up with a complementary cup of coffee and snack.

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

The smiling faces at the in-gates, warm-up, bit-check, and cross country fences help to create a warm environment even with the chilly weather. Without the support and loyalty of sponsors and volunteers, these events would not be possible.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Open Preliminary A: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova
Open Preliminary B: Waylon Roberts and Fortunate Rebel
Preliminary JR/YR: Katherine Christopher & Frodo of the Shire
Preliminary Rider: Morgan Batton & Toby the Coal Man
Open Training: Lindsay Beer & El Caballero
Training Rider: Elizabeth Welker-Ebling & Santana II
Novice Rider: Campbell Jones & Aura CF
Open Novice: Waylon Roberts & FE Lobo
Beginner Novice Rider: Nancy Z. Wilson & Lagerfeld
Open Beginner Novice: Alison Eastman-Lawler & Lexington II

Full results are available here. For more information about Stable View, visit

Stable View Aiken Opener Recap + Photo Gallery

Ainsley Jacobs and JJ Spot in the Novice Rider division. Check out Ainsley’s “Lessons Learned” blog series on EN and HN, including her own Stable View recap here. Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Stable View commenced the winter season with its Aiken Opener Horse Trials this past Saturday, January 12th. As usual for this event, there was a softer cross country course with 135 riders competing across 12 divisions Beginner Novice – Preliminary.

The footing was in exceptional condition, and the cross country courses designed by Mogie Bearden-Muller allowed the horses to start with a strong gallop for a confidence-building ride to start the year. William Robertson, the show jumping designer, also incorporated inviting elements into his designs. Thankfully, the rain held off and even the chilly 45-degree weather did not stop the fun had by all.

Congratulations to the first winners of the year! View complete results here.

Open Preliminary: Sarah Cousins & Stravinsky (43.40)
JR/YR Preliminary: Makenna Rold & Excel Cool Quality (43.90)
Preliminary Rider: Grace Livingston & Shannondale Joss (44.20)
Open Training: Waylon Roberts & Fortunate Rebel (29.10)
JR/YR Training: Kaitlyn Brittendall & Blyth’s Madeline GS (36.70)
Training Rider: Johannah Crumpton & Have You Heard (41.10)
JR/YR Novice: Kendall Eaves & Forrest Gump (31.90)
Novice Rider: Emily Cardin & Schwalbestrum (27.30)
Open Novice: Blake Fortson & Quiana AF (29.50)
JR/YR Beginner Novice: Kailey Burack & Gimlet (28.30)
Beginner Novice Rider: Deirdre Vaillancourt & Eluca (23.60)
Open Beginner Novice: Darrell Vaughn & Zander (26.70)

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Photo gallery by Christine Rhodes:

The highlight of the day was the Grand Opening of the Stable View Pavilion. Around 100 people attended a relaxed celebration of what is intended to be at the center of Stable View Eventing activities. The Pavilion is also designed to house weddings, family reunions and as a conference and community center this state of the art building will offer flexible accommodations for many equestrian activities.

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Todd Gaul of Designer Builders, who constructed the building, described some of the green elements of the Pavilion, earning it the LEED Gold Certification. Then, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce held the ribbon cutting ceremony on the decks of the Pavilion with many riders, owners, sponsors, and friends of Stable View in attendance.

View the full 2019 Calendar of Events at Stable View here. For more information about Stable View visit the website,

Sunny & 75: A Taste of Spring at Stable View’s March Horse Trials + Photo Gallery

A beautiful day and a beautiful view. Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Stable View’s third recognized event of the 2018 season saw 180 horses going to the start. Held Tuesday, March 20, the event ran as a busy one-day with plenty of afternoon sunshine. Prize money was awarded in each division of Beginner Novice through Intermediate, making for an exciting and rewarding day of sport.

Horses and riders successfully completed the challenging cross country courses, designed by Capt. Mark Phillips (I-P) and Mogie Bearden-Muller (T-BN). There several new jumps on course, and the upper level tracks used portions of the new Eventing Academy cross country course.

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

The Intermediate division started the day, with Nilson Moreira da Silva finishing on top aboard Cash. Anna Honeycutt and Fernhill Chico won the Open Preliminary with only 1.2 cross country time faults added to their dressage score. Barbara Selmayr with Kildare’s MHS Tampa won the Open Training after an impressive 20.5 dressage score. Amanda Beale-Clement and Pippin VI won the large Open Novice
division with a 29.8 dressage score, and Sally Davis and MFF Manhattan Affair won the Open Beginner Novice also by finishing on their dressage.

Congrats to all! Photo by Christine Rhodes.

The Pavilion construction is continuing quickly, with the impressive building’s structure providing the backdrop for the show jumping rounds. By the dressage fields, the progress on the new Hunt Boxes was also visible. Both of these new structures add to the expanding infrastructure at Stable View leading up to the first CIC 3* Oktoberfest on September 27-30.

Never mind the construction! Photo by Christine Rhodes.

For full results click here, and for more information on everything happening at Stable View visit

All photos by Christine Rhodes.


They Came, They Schooled, They Conquered: Inaugural Stable View Eventing Academy Recap

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

The Inaugural Eventing Academy at Stable View successfully raised the bar for both schooling and unrecognized horse trials in Aiken last weekend, Feb. 24-25. With the opportunity to school all three phases on Saturday, horses and riders alike were prepared and confident to tackle the Schooling Horse Trial on Sunday.

Some 103 horses took advantage of the schooling day, and 109 entered on Sunday. Competitors loved the open, galloping feel of the new cross-country course at Stable View, which made its debut for this event.

This event also introduced two new levels: Sprouts (18”) and Tadpole (2’3”). The addition of these lower levels provided the opportunity for less experienced horses and riders to participate. With miniature versions of typical cross-country fences, these courses offered a true taste of eventing. Very few horse and rider pairs had trouble on the cross country course, a testament to the value of schooling the day before!

Photo gallery:

There will be five more Eventing Academies as part of the 2018 Series: April 14-15, May 19-20, July 21-22, Aug. 11-12 and Nov. 17-18, with a Dec. 8-9 Academy kicking off the 2019 season. Competitors earn points from each show of the series, and a year-end awards ceremony will be held in the new Pavilion during the December Eventing Academy with prizes totalling in excess of $10,000.

The Eventing Academy Series makes Stable View’s world-class facilities available to up-and-coming riders and those just beginning their journey in eventing. The emphasis on the lower levels encourages grassroots participation in this series. The cross country course allowed great
visibility for spectators, with multiple fences within sight at any given place on course. Many competitors brought along their family, friends and trainers, giving Stable View the “gathering place” atmosphere.

Mogie Bearden-Muller designed the new cross country courses and riders loved the confident ride they were able to give their horses. The show jumping courses, designed by Julie Zapapas, rode nicely throughout the day.

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Click here to view full results.

Read below what some of the participants had to say about the weekend!

And it’s all come full circle this weekend at Stable View’s Eventing Academy! Wise Thinking put all three phases…

Posted by CTP Equestrian on Monday, February 26, 2018

Mark your calendars now for the next Eventing Academy on April 14th and 15th — you won’t want to miss it!

For more details about any upcoming events at Stable View and the full 2018 Calendar, visit

Stable View Prepares for Inaugural Eventing Academy Weekend

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

We’re in the homestretch to Stable View’s first Eventing Academy, to be held Feb. 24-25, and preparations are in full-swing.

The opportunity to school all three phases on Saturday before Sunday’s one-day schooling horse trial is an excellent chance for training of inexperienced horses or students. As part of Stable View’s efforts to be environmentally conscious and efficient, riders will be able to enter the schooling day on Saturday electronically upon arrival.

The cross country will be run over the new course with new divisions (Sprouts – 18” and Tadpole – 2’3”) and new jumps as an attempt to offer Aiken eventers the opportunity to participate in a non-Mark Phillips course. Sprout-Training horse trial divisions, Sprout-Advanced combined tests, and dressage tests of choice will be offered. Entries for these divisions are closed, with times to be made available on Thursday. Click here to view the entry form for future Academy Series events.

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Mogie Bearden-Muller, the cross country course designer for the Eventing Academy Series, has laid a smooth course aimed to produce confidence-building, educational rounds particularly for green horses or riders. Likewise, Julie Zapapas’ show jumping course offers a very different environment to the traditionally technically demanding courses normally presented at Stable View.

With well over 100 riders participating between the two days for the inaugural running of this event, Stable View hopes that it will secure its place on the Aiken Calendar. There will be five more Eventing Academies as part of the 2018 Series: April 14-15, May 19-20, July 21-22, Aug. 11-12, Nov. 17-18, with a Dec. 8-9 Academy kicking off the 2019 season.

Another new initiative at Stable View is the Pavilion, which in terms of construction has proceeded to the second floor. Eventing Academy competitors will be able to view the progress at this show and throughout the rest of the Series, with the competitors’ banquet and award ceremony being held in the completed Pavilion during the December Eventing Academy weekend.

With offices, a kitchen, pub, observation deck and a third floor for scoring, streaming and commentating, this building will also accommodate weddings and function as a conference center. One side will overlook one of the outdoor arenas, and the other side overlooks the derby field on the cross country course.

Built for sponsors, VIPs and stable volunteers as “a gathering place,” the Pavilion is hoped to be ready for Oktoberfest, which will host all National Levels as well as CIC 1*, 2* and 3* levels.

For more information on all upcoming events at Stable View, please visit

Walking On Sunshine: Stable View Winter HT Recap + Photo Gallery

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Stable View hosted their second recognized event of the year earlier this week, January 30th-31st, offering Preliminary through Beginner Novice divisions. With 132 riders and the beautiful South Carolina weather, this event was a massive weekday success!

Competition was fierce with prize money awarded in all divisions. The show began with all levels completing the dressage and stadium phases on Tuesday, and all levels finishing with cross-country on Wednesday.

The dressage took place in the beautiful grass arenas at Stable View and ran smoothly thanks to the help of loyal volunteers. With three rings running concurrently, and stadium beginning in the Outdoor Arena, it proved to be a busy day with many professional riders showing multiple horses.

Chris Barnard’s stadium course presented an appropriate challenge for riders. From the show jumping, riders could also catch a glimpse at the progress taking place on Stable View’s newest asset, the Pavilion, positioned at the end of the Outdoor Arena. Tuesday evening ended with a competitors’ party hosted on-site for riders to socialize with one another.

The following day, all riders tackled the Cross Country course designed by Captain Mark Phillips (GBR) and Mogie Bearden-Muller (assistant). The track wove decorative fences through tree-lined galloping lanes connecting series of tough questions and iconic features like the water complexes. The winter rye provided excellent footing throughout the day, with abundant sunshine and a pleasant breeze to complete the setting.

Congratulations to the winners of each division, with riders placing 1st – 4th receiving checks!

Junior/Young Rider Open Preliminary: Katie Lichten & Sapphire Blue B (23.00)
Open Preliminary A: Waylon Roberts & Born Ready (24.10)
Open Preliminary BLindsay Beer & El Paso (27.00)
Preliminary RiderSkylar Rowan & Urlanmore Beauty (42.40)
Open Training: Werner Geven & Eor The Terrific (29.60)
Junior/Young Rider Training: Alexandra Baugh & Mr. Candyman (30.90)
Training Rider: Natalie Hargis & Ocho Caballero (32.30)
Junior/Young Rider Novice: Malik Hogan & Downtown Abbey (51.30)
Novice RiderSally Rosen & Mayson (29.50)
Open Novice: Kate Chadderton & FF Valour (25.20)
Junior/Young Rider Beginner Novice: Jenna Hill & In Front I Am (41.30)
Beginner Novice Rider: Nancy Jenkins & Brody (40.80)
Open Beginner Novice: Arianna Almeida & Rhein Aflame (27.80)

Click here for full results.

1st-4th place finishers at all levels took home a check! Photo by Christine Rhodes.

As always, thank you to the generous sponsors and volunteers who make events such as this possible!

Here is what some of the competitors had to say about the event:

“Thank you Stable View for the truly galloping cross-country course, perfect footing, and the prize money in each division!” – Claire Robinson

“Great day and awesome hospitality!” – Stephanie Collore-Coates

Stable View will be hosting its Inaugural Eventing Academy on February 24th and 25th, with a schooling day on Saturday and a full schooling horse trials on Sunday! Enter the horse trials now online at and enter on-site for the schooling day. These events are the perfect place to school for young horses and young riders alike. Sprouts (<18”) – Training (3’3”) levels are available, as well as the option to school one phase or all three.

For more information about any upcoming events at Stable View, visit


Hello, 2018! Stable View Aiken Opener Recap & Photo Gallery

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Stable View kicked off its bustling 2018 show schedule with the Aiken Opener Horse Trials over the weekend, Jan. 6-7. The event was the first of the 2018 calendar year for 124 horse/rider combinations who contested Beginner Novice through Preliminary divisions.

The event began with the dressage and show jumping phases on Saturday for all levels. Three dressage rings ran concurrently, and was the first opportunity for many riders to try their hands at the new 2018 USEA dressage tests, which went into effect Dec. 1. The lowest score of the day went to Mike Pendelton and The Fonz Himself, who ultimately won the Open Training division on their dressage result of 20.0.

Later in the morning the show jumping phase began in the Outdoor Arena on first-class Attwood Equestrian Surfaces footing. The course, designed by Beth Perkins, rode well and many riders turned in double-clear rounds.

Onto Sunday … cross country day! Due to below freezing temperatures, the start was delayed by one hour. The courses were designed by Mogie Bearden-Muller and meant to be inviting ‘opener’ style courses. Mogie explained, “My premise for these course designs was to give the horses a nice, forward experience to begin the year.”

With open galloping lanes, riders were able to give particularly their greener horses a forward ride to build confidence for the rest of the season. The courses featured many of the fixed assets as well as a variety of movable fences placed strategically on Stable View’s world-class cross country course. The more difficult questions on course were balanced with inviting fences to give riders a confidence-boosting cross country round to prepare them for future competitions.

While on the property, spectators and competitors alike were able to view many of the ongoing projects at Stable View, including the Pavilion which is due to be completed at the end of 2018. This will be a LEED certified, multi-purpose building with viewing areas for both the Outdoor Arena and the cross country course. More improvements are under construction by the second cross country course, which will be used for the Stable View Eventing Academy, a new schooling series that offers a schooling day on Saturday followed by a full schooling horse trial on Sunday.

Without the continued support of sponsors and the dedication of loyal volunteers, this event would not be possible.

Congratulations to the winners in each division from the Stable View Aiken Opener! This show is just the beginning of another successful year of eventing.

Division winners (view full results here):

Junior/Young Rider Open Preliminary: Jessie Schwartz & WHF Kitaro (25.90)
Open Preliminary: Tiffani Loudon-Metze & Hap (23.90)
Preliminary Rider: Tawn Edwards & All of Indy (39.90)
Junior/Young Rider Training: Dylan Philipps & Fernhill Fierce (30.50)
Open Training: Mike Pendelton & The Fonz Himself (20.00)
Training Rider: Sierra Shurtz & Zach Eyed Pea (33.60)
Junior/Young Rider Novice: Malik Hogan & Top Vision (31.10)
Novice Rider: Jane Manetta & George (31.90)
Open Novice: Courtney Cooper & Seraphina (27.60)
Beginner Novice Rider: Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt & Eluca (30.00)
Junior/Young Rider Beginner Novice: Carly Blank & Take Your Time (30.30)
Open Beginner Novice: Amy Wise & Ruger (26.20)

For more information on upcoming events at Stable View, visit