Walking On Sunshine: Stable View Winter HT Recap + Photo Gallery

Photo by Christine Rhodes.

Stable View hosted their second recognized event of the year earlier this week, January 30th-31st, offering Preliminary through Beginner Novice divisions. With 132 riders and the beautiful South Carolina weather, this event was a massive weekday success!

Competition was fierce with prize money awarded in all divisions. The show began with all levels completing the dressage and stadium phases on Tuesday, and all levels finishing with cross-country on Wednesday.

The dressage took place in the beautiful grass arenas at Stable View and ran smoothly thanks to the help of loyal volunteers. With three rings running concurrently, and stadium beginning in the Outdoor Arena, it proved to be a busy day with many professional riders showing multiple horses.

Chris Barnard’s stadium course presented an appropriate challenge for riders. From the show jumping, riders could also catch a glimpse at the progress taking place on Stable View’s newest asset, the Pavilion, positioned at the end of the Outdoor Arena. Tuesday evening ended with a competitors’ party hosted on-site for riders to socialize with one another.

The following day, all riders tackled the Cross Country course designed by Captain Mark Phillips (GBR) and Mogie Bearden-Muller (assistant). The track wove decorative fences through tree-lined galloping lanes connecting series of tough questions and iconic features like the water complexes. The winter rye provided excellent footing throughout the day, with abundant sunshine and a pleasant breeze to complete the setting.

Congratulations to the winners of each division, with riders placing 1st – 4th receiving checks!

Junior/Young Rider Open Preliminary: Katie Lichten & Sapphire Blue B (23.00)
Open Preliminary A: Waylon Roberts & Born Ready (24.10)
Open Preliminary BLindsay Beer & El Paso (27.00)
Preliminary RiderSkylar Rowan & Urlanmore Beauty (42.40)
Open Training: Werner Geven & Eor The Terrific (29.60)
Junior/Young Rider Training: Alexandra Baugh & Mr. Candyman (30.90)
Training Rider: Natalie Hargis & Ocho Caballero (32.30)
Junior/Young Rider Novice: Malik Hogan & Downtown Abbey (51.30)
Novice RiderSally Rosen & Mayson (29.50)
Open Novice: Kate Chadderton & FF Valour (25.20)
Junior/Young Rider Beginner Novice: Jenna Hill & In Front I Am (41.30)
Beginner Novice Rider: Nancy Jenkins & Brody (40.80)
Open Beginner Novice: Arianna Almeida & Rhein Aflame (27.80)

Click here for full results.

1st-4th place finishers at all levels took home a check! Photo by Christine Rhodes.

As always, thank you to the generous sponsors and volunteers who make events such as this possible!

Here is what some of the competitors had to say about the event:

“Thank you Stable View for the truly galloping cross-country course, perfect footing, and the prize money in each division!” – Claire Robinson

“Great day and awesome hospitality!” – Stephanie Collore-Coates

Stable View will be hosting its Inaugural Eventing Academy on February 24th and 25th, with a schooling day on Saturday and a full schooling horse trials on Sunday! Enter the horse trials now online at www.evententries.com and enter on-site for the schooling day. These events are the perfect place to school for young horses and young riders alike. Sprouts (<18”) – Training (3’3”) levels are available, as well as the option to school one phase or all three.

For more information about any upcoming events at Stable View, visit www.stableviewfarm.com.