Stage Set for a WEG Reprise at Plantation Field

Boyd Martin and Trading Aces. Photo by Jenni Autry. Boyd Martin and Trading Aces. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Both Boyd Martin and Buck Davidson have confirmed that they plan to run all three phases with Trading Aces and Ballynoe Castle RM in the Plantation Field CIC3* this weekend, staging a World Equestrian Games reprise after both horses failed to complete Pierre Michelet’s cross-country course in Normandy.

“Reggie is fit and well,” Buck said. As long as the ground is good and I’m happy with the course, he will do the whole thing.” Buck pointed out that Reggie is first in the order of go again — the eventing gods really need to smile on on him and change up that trend.

“If the (dressage) score is not as good as necessary, then plans might change,” Buck said. “He has to compete; that’s what he loves to do. He has been looked over by the best vets in the world, and he feels awesome.”

Reggie made it to the dreaded final water complex at WEG, where he picked up two refusals, and Buck retired. But Reggie should be in his element here in Unionville this weekend, where Mike Etherington-Smith’s course is being hailed as “beefy,” as John Kyle put it.

Super groom Kathleen Blauth-Murray has been on a quick break with her family after WEG, but Buck said she wasn’t about to miss Reggie’s comeback after WEG. “Kathleen is flying in tonight to make sure I do my job,” Buck said. “Reggie doesn’t do anything without her.”

Trading Aces will also be looking for his own form of redemption after running out of steam with Phillip Dutton in the irons at fence 25, the steeplechase brushes about two-thirds of the way around the course at WEG. Boyd said earlier this afternoon that Oscar is feeling fit and raring to go, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him go for time.

It’s a bit odd to see Boyd on the horse, as he relinquished the ride to Phillip after Carolina International in March when he smashed his right leg on cross country. Boyd said he’s hardly ridden Oscar at all since Red Hills, when Oscar won the CIC3*, but they looked in good form when he hacked around this afternoon.

So the stage is set for an exciting battle for the win between these two horses. Maggie predicted Oscar to take the win in her By the Numbers preview, but said Reggie running all three phases could definitely change that scenario. It’s going to be an exciting weekend here at Plantation Field as Reggie and Oscar face off.

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