Thursday Video: What Do You Wear to the Barn?

We all do it: we find that perfect soft shell jacket or sweater and purchase it, swearing up and down that we don’t plan to wear it to the barn. What happens next? When dressing for the barn, we immediately grab our precious new piece of clothing and traipse off to the barn with it. Next thing you know, it’s covered in manure, hay, and other unmentionables and it’s officially designated as a “barn coat” from that point forward. Sound familiar?

Luckily for us, the UltrOZ therapeutic ultrasound system, sold by Hamilton BioVet, is totally wearable in the barn, or just about anywhere else you can think of. How’s that for convenient? Be sure to check out both our review of this great product, as well as a guest blog on the experiences one of our lucky readers has had in rehabilitating her horse’s injury.

Hamilton Biovet

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