Start Box Jams: The Grinch Edition

The holidays are here in full force and it can get overwhelming.  Even the most enthusiastic among us can get a little frazzled and find themselves in need of a little tongue-in-cheek humor.  If you’re feeling not-so-festive and need the extra oompf to help you wrap those last few presents or a little grinchy knowing you’ll spend yet another year at the kids table even though you’re thirty-three, we’ve got you covered.

Weezer – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
This song is the best song for caroling as the lyrics make it clear to the folks you are serenading that they must bring you a “cup of good cheer” before you depart.  If you are singing your demands it somehow makes it seem less like extortion and more festive. After two or three cups of good cheer, I don’t think I’ll care about sitting at the kids table anymore.

The Futureheads – Christmas Was Better In The 80’s
This song pairs jaded cynicism and angst about the Christmases of childhood-past in to a perfect package.  It’s catchy enough that you’ll find yourself humming it and murmuring the lyrics even if you didn’t experience them magical nature of Christmas in the 80’s.

Blink-182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas
I tend to think of my family as a loose coalition of bards, gypsies and vagabonds.  The big, family Christmas shindig with aunts, cousins and grandparents descending on a central location sort of faded from our collective priorities as “the grand-kids” got older.  Through high-school Christmas was a small, low-key affair for me and my parents. Shortly after I left for college, my parents moved to Hawaii.I remember how liberated I felt when I didn’t have an obligation to go home for the holidays.  This song came out around that time and it will always hold a special place in my heart, even if it is extra, super, mega-grinchy!

Tenacious D & Sum 41 – Things I Want
The video is absolutely terrible as it is just a picture of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, but I can forgive that.  This is the BEST Christmas song of all time.  It is absolutely absurd and far too catchy for it’s own good.  I want at least six of the things on Jack Black’s list.  I promise you will be ready for the holidays after you rock this jam.  I get the most mileage out of this song when I’m stuck in holiday traffic.  I put it on repeat, crank it loud, sing along shamelessly and play air-guitar while waiting to move up another 100 yards


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