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BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO! Photo via Mikki Kuchta BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO! Photo via Mikki Kuchta

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing the way people express themselves when painting jumps. There’s something special about the creative spark that comes forth when you hand an eventer a few cans of paint, a brush, some freshly primed jumps and say “have fun”. Whether it’s barn logos, an array of stripes or something more exotic, it gives you an insight to the people who painted them. One of the most satisfying things in the world is getting a great photo of your horse in spectacular form over something you spent hours getting just right. Mikki Kuchta of Aiken Bach Farm in Patterson, NY shared with us a photo of her intern Adeline Fleitz’s latest masterpiece. Not only is the Minion super cute, it’s great for riders who struggle with maintaining a good rhythm. Just chant “Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do” down to the chevron!

U.S. Weekend Action:

Waredaca H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Poplar Place Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

IEA H.T, T3D & N3D  [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Colorado Horse Park H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Tattersalls is streaming live world-wide all weekend. Tattersalls is holding a CCI3* and CIC3* this weekend, and the entire thing is being streamed live from start to finish. Buck Davidson will be contesting the CCI3* while Caroline Martin, Katherine Coleman and Rebecca Howard are all entered in the CIC3*. Brianne Stanley is also in the CIC1* YH. The streaming does require a one time log-in process. [CCI3* Leaderboard] [CIC3* Leaderboard] [Live Streaming Schedule]

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