Sunday Links from SmartPak

Yummm…? Photo via Lauren Pileggi Friga on Facebook.

Every year about this time I see this fun little holiday barn party dessert idea floating around the internet, but this one has a nice little twist I haven’t seen before. For some extra realistic flair, add a bit of toasted shaved coconut to your chocolate, uh, nuggets, and they’ll look fresh out of the stall oven! Just please, for the love of all that’s holy, use a brand new muck fork! It’ll double as a hostess gift.

National Holiday: Happy Hanukkah! The celebration begins at tonight and continues through Monday, December 26.

Links to Start Your Sunday:

What Having a Baby Taught Me About Riding

Behind The Photo: ‘Vinny,’ Vidi, Vici—No Bridle Required

Pressure Proof with Daniel Stewart: Mojo-Mantras

Study: Is There A Link Between Equine Sex, Color, And Attitude?

Hot on Horse Nation: Three Tips for Hiring a Horse Sitter for the Holidays (and three things you should do after they’re hired.)

SmartPak Pick of the Week: Horses with Hope Equine Rescue posted this photo of one of their trainees, Owen, checking to see if there was anything for him in a recent SmartPak delivery:

Well, SmartPak saw that photo and next thing you know Owed DID get something for himself in the mail! How’s that for wholesome sponsor content?

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