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I recently started reading Tik Maynard’s book In the Middle Are the Horsemen (a Christmas gift I was very excited to receive), and have been highlighting some of the riding advice he receives and notes throughout this biography. One such note relayed to me a similar message to that of Sharon White’s on simplicity: “If a horse makes a mistake… he is more likely to learn from the experience if the rider is not interfering.” Simplifying my rides has been so hard recently! As my mare and I both start learning the basics and intricacies of higher-level exercises, the balance between clear communication and not overloading us both with too many directions has been a very fine line (especially on days when it’s not her turn with the communal brain cell). I guess when you have 10,000 things to focus on, sometimes it might really just boil down to doing what feels correct to the best of your ability in that moment. In the end, like my great idol Sharon said, your horse does want to please you, so they’ll either get it or be able to learn from their mistake.

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Links to Start Your Sunday:

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Morning Viewing: And finally, here’s something fun to start your morning with a nice, long cringe. Enjoy (or not, you probably won’t).

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