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Travis Atkinson aboard 'Baby Max'. Photo courtesy of Sydni Nusink.

Travis Atkinson aboard ‘Baby Max’ at Skyline Eventing Park. Photo courtesy of Sydni Nusink.

One of my absolute favorite parts of my job here at “Insanity in the Middle Headquarters” is seeing an email or a Facebook post from a friend notifying me that they have something that “needs to go on Eventing Nation.” In those brief moments before the attachment has downloaded, I feel the anticipation of knowing I’m about to see someone defying mortality itself. Even more so if it’s January, February, or March. It’s high season for defying death up in here.

This treat was certainly not a disappointment. ‘Baby Max’ is actually a baby dressage horse, but his USDF certified trainer Sydni Nusink believes in the value of a good cross training now and again. Or in this case, accidentally discovering that a horse is destined for a little more cross training. Four-star prospect, anyone?

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