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Photo courtesy of Brian Rutledge.

Photo courtesy of Molly Sherman, Brian Rutledge, and Gaithersburg High School

Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s authenticated, vintage, pre-gold-medal-winning David O’Connor appearing like a knight on a majestic white steed to rally the rabble rousers of Gaithersburg High School in the late 1970s. Normally we’d wax eloquent on the subject of lack of helmet awareness back in the day, but every once in awhile you find so fine a coif that no helmet could or should contain it, and such is the case of this fine ‘do here. Shout out to Molly Sherman for tracking this down, and Brian Rutledge for passing it on — this magnificent treasure now rests in the proper archives of ridiculous eventing history!

Another fun fact I discovered while doing the back-research of this photo, David O’Connor shares his high school alma mater roots with “Magnificent Seven” gymnast Dominque Dawes as well as several successful NFL players. It must have been all that Trojan Horse Troop Rallying on the field!

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