Sunday Morning at Hagyard Midsouth

Early morning at Kentucky Horse Park can't be beat.

Good morning from Kentucky! The sun decided to show itself today so I am very thankful to just be cold and not cold AND wet! The Team Challenge divisions are still competing today, as are the Prelim and Training Three-Day. I’ve brought you some sights from around the park this morning and will also have a Three-Day wrap up for you later.

The show jumping arena brought to you in panorama by Rebecca Clayton.

The Three-Day divisions had their final horse inspection this morning, and all horses presented were accepted. I unfortunately did not get a photo of the overnight leaders in the P3D, Andrea Johnson and Wapentake, but I think if I had started photographing this horse I would not have stopped – he is simply stunning! Fortunately, I benefit from being Facebook friends with coach Megan Moore!

Andrea Johnson and Wapentake - Prelim Three Day leaders. Photo from Megan Moore's Facebook page.


Jocelyn Hawe and Going Going Gone in the P3D jog. Photo by Sally Spickard.

Overnight leaders in the Training Three-Day Waylon Roberts and Bill Owen looked sharp at the trot up and will look to take home the blue in just a couple of hours.

Waylon Roberts and Bill Owen.

Over in the Team Challege competition, the show jumping for the Training division is underway currently. I will bring you more as the day goes on – for now my WiFi hotspot is dying so I have to find a power source somewhere. Stay tuned!


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