Sunday Results from Southern Pines and Poplar Place

Southern Pines

(1) In the advanced A, Becky Holder and Courageous Comet moved up to win after Kim and Tipperary Liadhnan pulled three rails.  Phillip and Woodburn remained in 3rd with just one rail.

(2) The top 4 in the advanced B remained steady, with four double clears at the top.  Pawlow finished off a very strong weekend, collecting the win with Will Faudree.
(3) Phillip rode three of his advanced horses this weekend (Woodburn, The Foreman, Kheops Du Quesnay) and finished all of them in the top four of their divisions.

(4) The advanced and intermediate show jumping at Southern Pines was held in the grass across the street from the sand rings, which may have contributed to the low number of clean rounds (just 13 in the advanced divisions) with several very high penalty rounds.
Poplar Place

(1) At Poplar Place, Colin Davidson and Draco won the advanced on a 56.6, beating Karl Slezak and Charley Farley by less than a point.  Buck and Titanium added 16 time penalties on the XC and 3 in the showjumping, but finished a solid weekend in 5th.
(2) Leslie Law and Fleeceworks Mystere Du Val retired after falling at an irish bank on the advanced XC.  Several of the first few horses out on course had major issues with the fence, and it was removed from the course soon thereafter.  
Chelan Kozac has posted pics of her fall at the irish bank on her blog.  In her description, Chelan says “[expletive] the second to last jump was an Irish bank nay, an effing HUGE Irish bank!!  Three horses fell then they removed it.”  Fortunately both Chelan and her horse were fine.

(3) Northern Spy and Heidi White took their time around the XC, but this is yet another pair with other goals in mind for the spring.
(4) In the CIC2*, Clark Montgomery won with Loughna Glen, adding 14 XC time to his dressage score.  Buck finished with Absolute Liberty, Haifa Bay, and All The Aces in the top five of that division.  
(5) In the CIC1* Rowdie Adams won with No Money Down, beating Cathy Wieschhoff and Simba by 3 points.  Go eventing.
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