Video Sunday: Poplar Place & Southern Pines

Since many of us in Eventing Nation are wrapping up their weekends in Southern Pines or Poplar Place, I thought we’d showcase these courses.  Plus, I’ve had 2 hours of sleep and I’m about to go stand back out in the sun…or the rain…forgive me if I lack a little pep in my step today.
Advanced Pines:  The videographer capturing these clips started at fence #1 and walked the entire Advanced cross-country course.  

Poplar Stars:  Here are clips of the Poplar Place *** cross-country and a showjumping round with Kim Severson.  Watch and learn from the best.
Good luck to all the competitors today!  I’ll see you at the finish line.
I need another cup of coffee…….
[John’s Note: This was written by Leslie at 6AM Sunday morning.  Thanks Leslie, as always, for the dedication to Eventing Nation, and thank you for reading.]
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