Sunday Video Break: The Long at Short of It at Pine Top Advanced

We’re really enjoying Jon Holling‘s new YouTube channel, particularly his series that he calls ‘The Long and Short of It’ in which he¬†analyzes a small part of one of his competition rides. Though the videos are brief, they’re large on learning thanks to the way Jon breaks down each minute detail.

In this most recent episode, we go back in time to Pine Top Advanced H.T. this past February, where Jon rode his and Constance Holling‘s Dushi Terma, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood (Vailliant – Naterma, by Amaretto I), at the gelding’s Advanced level debut. Jon analyzes his ride through one of the course’s water jumps: a three-part complex made up of a table, a hanging log into the water, and a left-handed corner out of the complex. Thanks to Jon’s commentary, the magic of slo-mo video, and multiple camera angles, we can see how Jon still manages to guide his horse successfully through the complex, despite a peek at the water which throws the pair of their line to the C element.

Watch and learn, folks — and thanks for sharing, Jon!