Sunday Video: Horse Stretches to Make a Supple Athlete

Heaven knows I am a different person after a good yoga power session, and when I’m consistently working on my poses in class and at home, I’m a completely different rider. So why should it be any different for my horse?

Massage therapist and equine body work specialist Carol Grant – in conjunction with Grace Gerry of GG Eventing – have a great informative video on exercises you can add quickly and easily to your daily routine with your horse to help them be more fit, supple, strong, and soft, and less prone to injury. (Also, why doesn’t my yoga class include snacks? Can I get an amen up in here?)

Obviously, we recommend talking to your own vet or certified equine massage therapist about perfecting these exercises and selecting stretches that are the best for your animal, but this is a great launch point for learning more about your horse’s body and how to assist them in being the best athlete they can be.

You can learn more about Carol Grant and her ESMT business on her Facebook page, and you can learn more about ambitous up-and-comer Grace Gerry at her website.

Get to stretching, and Go Eventing!