Sunday Videos: Get to Know Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid Klimke is enjoying a weekend to celebrate her first CCI4* win at Pau with Horseware Hale Bob. Ingrid has been a household name in the eventing world for many years now, and has gained a strong fan following with her kind demeanor and effortless way with her horses.

One of the most popular habits that Ingrid has is wearing her helmet cam during cross country, where viewers can hear her reassuring her horse and expertly guiding them home safely. She works closely with SAP Equestrian, which has developed an innovative way to monitor vital signs and speed while on cross country.

Together, Ingrid and Horseware Hale Bob have ridden together since 2010, when the horse was learning the ropes at the one-star level. After moving up to the three-star level in 2013, Hale Bob has completed just one other four-star at Luhmühlen earlier this year. The pair finished in 28th place with 62 cross country penalties added to their dressage score.

This weekend marks the fourth FEI win for Hale Bob, and a remarkable improvement from his four-star debut, which is a testament to Ingrid’s training and the horse’s maturity. At 10 years old, the Oldenburg gelding is looking to be a new star in Ingrid’s yard for the coming seasons.

You can get an idea for Ingrid’s cross country riding technique with Hale Bob by viewing this helmet cam from the CIC3* at Schenefeld in 2013, where the pair placed third place. She does provide commentary in this video, however it is in German so if anyone would like to translate, we’re sure there’s plenty of insight to be had!

Congratulations to Ingrid and Horseware Hale Bob on their well-deserved success this weekend at Pau. We’re looking forward to seeing more from this pair as we look ahead to next season and those beyond.


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