Eventer Suzanna Hext Back in the Saddle After Paralyzing Accident

Here’s your feel-good story of the day courtesy of BBC Spotlight! Suzanna Hext, 25, competed at the two-star level in the UK until a young horse flipped over on her while schooling at home in 2012, paralyzing her in the process. She spent 177 days in the hospital, but never lost sight of her goal to get back in the saddle.

Eight operations and two years later, Suzanna accomplished her goal last week on a sweet gelding named Buster at Lakefield Equestrian Centre. Watching her trotting around like she hasn’t missed a beat definitely gave me goosebumps.

Suzanna has been blogging about her recovery process for Horse & Hound, so you can learn much more about her journey to get back in the saddle by clicking here. Click here to read her emotional blog about finally riding again. Go Suzanna!

[Suzanna Hext’s Blogs for Horse & Hound]

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