Sydney Trot Up – All Through

Good morning EN, I hear you had an eventful day at Rolex, well it has been slightly less interesting here in Sydney, although we have sorted out the scoring issue that remained last night. Megan Jones’ time was adjusted from the clearly incorrect time on course of 9:34 to 10:18, giving her 2.4 time and dropping her just 0.2 behind Emma Scott.

The leader board going into the jumping phase is as follows:

Shane Rose – Taurus 40.6
Emma Scott – Mustang 46.4
Megan Jones – Kirby Park Allofasudden 46.6
Emma Mason – F1 Pharinelli 48.4
Stuart Tinney – Pluto Mio 49.4

All horses passed the trot up without incident and the jumping is due to start at 1:30pm today (that is about 11:30pm in the Eastern US States).

I caught up with Prue Barrett after the trot for her thoughts to date.

I also caught up with overnight leader Shane Rose.

I leave you with a few pics from the trot.

Yours in Eventing,



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