Tabloid Tuesday

Two of these headlines are ACTUAL headlines from the horse world.  One of them is not.  Can you figure out which one is fake?  Post your guesses in the comments by clicking on the talk bubble next to the star!  

A) PARTYING AT THE PARADE: Tennessee woman arrested after riding a horse while intoxicated in the local Christmas parade. 

B) DBUI-DRIVING BUGGIES UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Amish man caught driving buggy at twice the legal limit, asleep.

C) PERFORMANCE ENHANCING BEER: Researchers in Germany report that feeding horses beer increases stamina and raises pain thresholds.  

Thanks to Visionaire for help with this piece.  We will reveal the answer on Wednesday.  Also, Eventing Nation has 97 Facebook friends, thanks everyone for joining.  We will give a shout-out to our 100th friend on our homepage.  Go eventing sober.
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