Take 5 with Phillip, Presented by Equilume: Forward Footwork

Today I worked Lincoln’s Address over some small jumps; I was just concentrating on being able to ride forward and then…

Posted by Phillip Dutton Eventing on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Footwork is a valuable skill for any event horse to have. The ability to see, read, understand, and properly execute a question on course requires a quick mind as well as enough mental and physical fitness to make necessary adjustments without taking away from power. A mouthful, right?

Luckily, we’re treated to regular tips and demonstrations from the riders whom we admire the most thanks to the internet. There are an endless amount of quick resources available, little tricks to save for later, and this exercise from Phillip Dutton is one to add to your arsenal.

“I was just concentrating on being able to ride forward and then turning left and right,” Phillip wrote about the exercise shown above. “It helped (OTTB gelding Lincoln’s Address, owned by Anita Motion, Evie Dutton and R. Larry Johnson) learn to keep his balance while turning and at the same time looking and expecting the next fence, while overall learning to be clever and quick-footed. It’s a fairly simple but useful exercise that you can use at any level and keeps the horses (and riders) thinking.”

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