Taylor McFall and Kilbarry Prince Tackled Their First Training and It’s Adorbs

Taylor McFall and Kilbarry Prince. Photo by Jen McFall. Taylor McFall and Kilbarry Prince. Photo by Jen McFall.

Taylor McFall had her Pony Club kick ready for her Training debut aboard Kilbarry Prince, the pony she purchased after a summer of hard work, last weekend at the Galway Downs Winter Event. The pair completed their first event at the level with some show jump penalties but an otherwise successful move up.

After spending 2015 competing at Novice, including a 12th place finish in the Novice Three Day at Rebecca Farm, 12-year-old Taylor began preparing for her first Training level event with help from coach Hawley Bennett-Awad.

“It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done,” Taylor said. “But I’m glad I did it. The experience made me believe more in my pony than ever and my ability to make things happen even at a higher level.”

And make things happen she did, even when Prince was a bit unmotivated in the show jumping phase:

242S Taylor McFall On Kilbarry Prince YR Training Show Jumping Galway Downs Feb 2016

“I’m so proud of her for that ride!” Taylor’s mother, Jen McFall, said of her show jumping ride. “It was tough and she got the job done.”

Taylor and Prince will run another Novice at Fresno next to make sure both of their confidence is still in good shape and will look to another Training event after that.

We’ll continue to follow Taylor and Prince’s 2016 season and wish them all the best with their move up!