That Moment Your Rolex Tickets Arrived & You Lost Your Mind Completely

Chinch and 11 of his best stuffed animal friends are Rolex bound!!!! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

If you want to see an eventer leap into the mailman’s arms and smooch him on the face, be hanging out by the mailbox on the day Rolex tickets arrive. Step two in the freak-out-with-excitement process entails arranging tickets carefully on a table and snapping a photo for Instagram, as per the following:


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Look what finally came in the mail!!! – – #beatweekendoftheyear #rk3de2017 #rolex #eventing

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Ahhh got my Rolex tickets in the mail today!!! So excited!!!!! #rk3de2017 #rk3de #rolexbound #eventing

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They’re here!!! 🐎#rk3de #rk3de2017 #rolexbound #ticketporn #lexingtonherewecome #equestrianshoppingspree

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Our tickets have landed. 7 weeks to go 🙌🏼 @the900facebookpony

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Go to Rolex! Go Eventing!